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K., and NATO into thinking that “the West ‘won the Cold War’, that the enemy ‘disappeared’, that ‘Communism is dead’, that the Soviet Union ‘collapsed’ and that Russia has embarked upon ‘progress towards democracy.’” executed his most terrifying crowning achievement (perhaps prior to ‘Project Pelican’) with the successful design and production of his super-secret miniaturized nuclear weapon known as the ‘Beach Ball,’ was a worrisome and alarming technical accomplishment.

Atkov’s menacing remark about stealth Club-K launchers lying in wait in “terminals everywhere,” translated from Russian, suggests that Russia conceptualizes the Club-K as not just a defensive weapon but also as an offensive system for preemptive attacks. Timmerman writes in his book “Shadow Warriors”: “The debriefings indicated that the underground facilities had been dug by 2,500 Vietnamese laborers during the mid-1980s who toiled for per month,” the former CIA officer said. It was all done by drill blast, without heavy machinery.” To the trained eye, these were all telltale signs of Iraq’s intent to camouflage the work from satellite surveillance. Jafar would go on to occupy the highest echelons of Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime, relying on his deep understanding of particle physics and his engineering prowess to advise President Hussein on how to unleash the power of science against their shared enemies, the United States and Israel.

Atkov’s words were picked up by Global intelligence firm Stratfor and subsequently released by Wikileaks. Jafar has been working with the KGB and its successor the SVR, for at least 36 years, dating back to at least 1982. Jafar proposed to Saddam that Iraq deceptively remain a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to avoid raising suspicion in the West while he was secretly moving Saddam’s nuclear weapons program into new clandestine facilities. Jafar turned to the KGB for technical assistance and advice in concealing his rogue nuclear weapons program inside structures that U. satellite imagery analysts would not recognize as WMD facilities. Jafar used Vietnamese tunnel diggers (who had years of experience digging tunnels for the communist NVA during the Vietnam War) to dig Dr. Spy master Primakov, also known as the ‘Bear in the Desert,” directed all of the KGB/SVR’s foreign intelligence operations for several years.

Atkov’s comments from “I Serve Russia” a TV program on Russian Defense Ministry-controlled Zzezda TV. “‘If we walk out now, our enemies will say this is proof of our real intentions. Better we stay inside and learn how to deceive them’’ Dr. Virtually single-handedly, Primakov ran Russia’s interests in the Arab World via the KGB’s Foreign Intelligence Service (FIS) and the KGB’s successor the SVR, which Primakov established and directed. Ferociously anti-Semitic and fluent in Arabic, Primakov clandestinely created Russia’s With cold calculation, Primakov targeted the poorly-educated Islamic populations of these countries with anti-Semitic propaganda brainwashing.

The advent of a new advanced weapon system designed and built by Russia, and the involvement of hostile foreign governments deeply tied to the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction (WMD) experts who leased Port Canaveral’s container terminal, have now made the already dire national security situation at Port Canaveral exponentially more dangerous. As Saddam’s Deputy Defense Minister and chief nuclear adviser, Dr.

Jafar also oversaw procurement operations for Iraq’s vast nuclear, biological, and chemical WMD programs.

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